As defined in the Program’s Bylaws, the master’s degree and the doctoral degree programs are composed of elective courses, distributed in Groups I, II and III, and the Teaching Practicum courses.

I – Group I includes: General Linguistics, Phonology, Morphology, Semantics, and Syntax.
II – Group II includes: Applied Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Linguistic Policy, Psycholinguistics, Sociolinguistics, and Dialectology.
III – Group III includes: all the remaining courses offered by the Program.
§ 1. The master’s student must complete three courses from Groups I and II, two of them, at least, from Group I and one from Group II.
§ 2. In accordance with Art. 2 of this Bylaws, in case of direct admission to the doctoral degree program, the doctoral student must fulfill the same requirements as the master’s student as mentioned in  § 1 of this article.
§ 3. In order to fulfill the required course credits, the student may take courses offered by other graduate programs at UFSC, if allowed by the supervisor (PPGL Bylaws, 2010).
§ 4. The Teaching Practicum I and the Teaching Practicum II consist of 90 hours each and correspond to two credits.
§ 5. All other courses are theoretical, with 60 hours of instruction, and correspond to four credits.